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Make This Valentine's Special w/ Boerum Hill Chemist

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Here at Boerum Hill Chemist we truly care and want to help you spread the love. That’s why we would lik...

Start Giving Yourself The Gift of a Healthy Heart This Valentine's!

It’s February! The month of love and a time to show that important person how much you care. Who is more important than you? This month why not try...

Stay Healthy & Positive Even When Work Life Is Stressing You Out

New Yorkers are generally hard workers. Our careers are one of our highest priorities, but sometimes a job can lead to an unhappy and less than hea...

CBD Products & What We Recommend

Many of our customers come in trying to find a natural solution for common things such as pain and anxiety. Boerum Hill Chemist carries a variety of CBD products and we will be bringing in new products in the near future. Let’s go over some of the products we currently carry and what we recommend.

Boerum Hill Pharmacy in Downtown Brooklyn

The Boerum Hill Chemist Pharmacy department will provide the residents of Boerum Hill and it's surrounding areas with their prescription and medical devices, helping them get well and stay well. For more information please visit our store or our website at www.boerumhillchemist.com

Boerum Hill Health & Wellness Boutique

Boerum Hill Chemist is a Health & Wellness Boutique and Pharmacy located at 378 Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn. We focus on providing clients with all natural, organic and healthy products for all aspects of their life.

The Importance of Cold weather protection

Protect yourself from the Cold and Flu during this winter season. Looking for Organic, healthy skincare? Stop in at Boerum Hill Chemist to see our complete selection of organic skin care.