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Health and Wellness Boutique

boerum hill chemist health and wellness boutique

We are Boerum Hill Chemist, a Health and Wellness Boutique with a Pharmacy department within located on Atlantic Avenue in the heart of the historic Boerum Hill neighborhood of Downtown Brooklyn. 

Our vision is based on a very simple idea - to provide the people of Brooklyn and the greater world access to healthy, natural products that energizes and revitalizes them. Our Pharmacy department strives to provide our neighbors, members of the community and all of our clients with the medicine they need to get better, become healthy and maintain their state of wellness for years to come. 

So how do we go about this noblest of goals that we have set for ourselves? We start with the idea that everyone should have access to all natural products made from the best ingredients that our partners can source from all that nature has to provide. Then our partners work tirelessly to carefully and safely incorporate the highest quality ingredients into products like skin care lotions and creams, vitamins and supplements, nutritious snacks for kids and adults alike, drinks without refined sugars or additives.

We are a family based business ourselves, and take pride in nurturing your family as we would our own. For that reason, we carry baby products made from natural ingredients as humans have used for hundreds of years before the conveniences of synthetic materials and chemical additives. We've focused our efforts on making sure our selection of baby products are made from natural ingredients - without the unnecessary additives that may contribute to them becoming ill. 

We go so far as to source only toys made from all natural German wood, sourced from the highest quality ingredients. However, these aren't just any toys - our selection of toys supports children cognitive and motor skills, helping to get them ready for an enriching life. 

As we journey down the road of promoting health and wellness for our community and look forward to taking this message of being healthy, of being well and feeling good in your own body we thank you for your support of our Family Business of taking care of your family.