Let's Talk About Colon Health...

Here at Boerum Hill Chemist we are all about spreading awareness. This means that sometimes discussing topics that could be a bit uncomfortable at first but could be beneficial to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. This month is all about Colorectal Cancer Awareness and knowing whether you should be looking into a screening test. Our pharmacy is open for questions or if you need a prescription. We would also like to point out natural colon health methods: whether it be gaining insight on the topic of Colorectal Cancer screening or insight on natural colon health products Boerum Hill Chemist is here to help!
What Is It?
Colorectal Cancer; colon cancer is cancer in the large intestine, which is part of the digestive tract. Mayo Clinic explains that clumps of cells called polyps produce in this area and grow into cancerous cells. This causes distress in the digestive tract, change in bowel, abdominal discomfort, fatigue, etc.
More detailed information of Colorectal Cancer and symptoms can be found at Mayoclinic.org
Our pharmacy suggests if you are feeling these symptoms or are within the age group of 45 to 75 to get a screening done. Again, our pharmacist is happy to provide insight on the topic, but it is best to visit your doctor. If you need a prescription, please have your doctor relay the information to our pharmacist.
How Can I Keep My Colon Happy?
It is always important to keep yourself healthy and take preventative measures. We would like to point out some natural colon heath-based products from the popular brands Health Plus & Genesis today.


The Super Colon Cleanse ↓


This natural probiotic helps with constipation and cleansing. Plus, it is dairy & gluten free! It is important to cleanse your body of any toxins and Health Plus provides an organic way to maintain regularity. You can find this product on our shelf in powder and capsule form.

Genesis today Fiber ↓

This product is similar to the Colon Cleanse and will help maintain a healthy digestive tract. Genesis today Fiber includes fiber-based super foods such as flax seed, hemp seed, apple fiber, & rice bran. This all-natural product does not contain harsh chemical. Only natural ingredients to support digestion and regularity. Packaging even provides a recipe for High Fiber Chocolate Greens Smoothie. Yum!




For more information on these products please visit us here at Boreum Hill Chemist 378 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Or you can check out their websites click on arrows for link! Please stay aware and no need to feel uncomfortable we are always here to chat about colon health and more!