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Your Neighborhood Pharmacy right in the heart of Boerum Hill in Downtown Brooklyn.
Come Explore our extensive assortment of Healthy & Organic products. .

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Health & Wellness Boutique

Looking for healthy, organic products made from Natural ingredients?

Stop in at to explore the 2500+ of items we carry & find what's right for you.


Need your prescriptions filled in a hurry by knowledgeable Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians?
Our team has been providing prescription care & guidance for over 20+ years.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living can be difficult with our busy lifestyles and never ending to do lists. 

Stop in at our Wellness Series to hear about the healthy choices that leads to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.


Are you looking to get your prescriptions filled by your local neighborhood pharmacy? Boerum Hill Chemist brings knowledgeable, local pharmacists that will fill your prescription and help you understand how each medicine improves your health.

Have questions about your medication after you leave our store? Call our Pharmacy directly at 718-643-6975 and one of our knowledgeable Pharmacists will gladly help you with your medication questions.

Transfer your prescriptions to Boerum Hill Chemist today and experience the best Pharmacy care and service right in Boerum Hill. Helpful, knowledgeable staff who take the time to listen and answer your questions.

Health & Wellness Boutique

Your Health and Wellness is extremely important. Making healthy choices and being careful about what you put in and on your body are important steps to establishing a a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. 

At our Health & Wellness Boutique we've sourced the finest in healthy and organic products from around the world.  We only carry the best in natural foods and drinks, healthy snacks and energy bars. 

When you're looking for healthy, natural and organic baby food for your new baby or vitamins for your own health we have you covered. Looking instead for personal care, oral hygiene, skin care or home care made from natural ingredients? You'll find them at Boerum Hill Chemist.